Friday, December 30, 2005

Sometimes the truth is just so...true

Slacker Kid
High school was a place you showed up occasionally, but you didn't really leave a mark.
You hated rules, authority, and structure. In fact, you still do.
Who Were You In High School?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Aced Out..

Well, I just got my grades for the semester...and...all A's!!! I'm really pumped about that right now. My grandma's gonna be so proud. So I have a 4.0 and it's legitimate. Ha. This better help me get some scholarship money. Hope you all are doing well and have a great Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Free at last!

Fall 05 is officially over for me! Yahoo!! 3 weeks of pure vegetation is coming up...I'm excited about sleeping in a few days. I think I pulled the semester off okay...I probably could've worked a bit harder but I think that's always true. Hope you're all doing great and finishing the semester strong.

My brain's too fried to try to type anything insightful. I need a nap. I did have this one amazingly crazy dream the other day. It was one of those dreams that leaves you excited when you wake up. It was awesome and I decided to remember all I could and record it. I think there's a lot that could be interpreted from it too. It was awesome. Sometimes when I'm stressed and I have a lot of thoughts flowing through my mind my brain will give me an insane dream that is both wacky and profound. It' s awesome. Alright, now go do something productive instead of reading my stupid blog.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hey guys...I hope you're handling finals well...

Just finished my first final...only 3 more to go. This has really been my toughest semester yet but I think after this one, the rest of my work towards a bachelor's degree will be fairly easy. I'm going to live it up when this week is over. It will be so nice to just be able to go to bed at night knowing that there isn't a paper due next week or a huge reading to do. So keep that in mind when you're stressed out. We're almost done with the semester and "this too shall pass."

Much love to everyone.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Head's About to Pop

Sorry I haven't updated much. Too much is going on right now. I'm so happy the semester's coming to a close. I just hope I make it out with a good enough GPA to be eligible for my faculty nominated scholarship (that sounds important, huh) and to stay in Sigma Tau Delta (acronym STD...someone didn't think that one through). I guess we'll find out.

I hope you're all doing well at the end of the semester. I've been reading other people's posts about the whole idea of Christmas and how consumerism has somewhat (okay, majorly) corrupted the season. (By the way, I don't know what's with all the parenthetical texts, guess I'm just on one of those kicks.) But one thing I was thinking...when people say "Happy Holidays" they're still getting at something sacred. "Holiday" is composed of "holy" and "day"...just making a point, and a feeble one at that. This is boring. Ha. My brain is so fried. When I actually get some decent sleep free of worry, I'll post something better (maybe).

On a funnier note, I read something I could hear Adam saying..."I couldn't fix your brakes so I made your horn louder."