Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey...I'm not dead...

Hey, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, as some of you may have thought. Just had a lot going on.

We celebrated Valentine's Day a bit late but on 2/17 (not too far off) Kim and I got a few things whipped together and sent the boys on a very involved scavenger hunt. Then we made them a very nice dinner and a heart-shaped two-layer cake that said "Love is in the air." It was a great night. After eating we made them sit down and watch a romantic comedy (of which I fell asleep during). So the boys had fun and so did we. Very nice, I must say.

School's going okay so far. Might not be singing that tune in a week or so. Midterms, they're here whether we're ready for them or not. But it's so refreshing to realize that we're almost halfway through the semester already. I'm ready to be done, but who isn't?

Well, I guess that's all I have time for. More reading and thinking to do, gotta love it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Maybe Tomorrow...I'll Find My Way...Home..."

If you know that song, and you like it, you're my hero. Went to the Sig Tau meeting tonight. We've decided on our shirts. We're reusing a wording from the 70's so I'm told. We're so funny. Our shirts will officially be navy blue with green lettering that says "STD, our love for literature is contagious." Hilarious, that's all I have to say. Those bell-bottom wearin', disco dancin', Bill lovin' cats were so funny. I guess I could say I've had a really good day.

A lot of deep thinking went on today in my classes and in my free time. I had a great beverage at a great coffee shop with the great Sunshine Jones (not the lesbian, Carissa H.). And now I come home to the inspiration of Stereophonics. I guess I do have this 4 page paper due tomorrow morning at 9 that I just started on a couple of hours ago, but hey, I'm not lettin' that get me down. I'm growing. I feel it. I'm learning and changing and it's all so exciting. Sorry if I sound lame or something. Just happy.

I heard something very profound the other day. It doesn't sound that deep but it was for me at the of those "AHA" moments. God has no nationality or political party. Just think about that for a moment. I think that I've been suckered into the "Americanized God" for a long time and that just really hit me the other day. God's here for everyone, loves everyone...he transcends race, gender, party lines..all of that junk. That's beautiful. No matter how much people try to tailor their idea of Him to fit their particular status, He falls into none. It puts a new spin on trying to think about how much emphasis we put on these distinctions that often become limitations. Just thinking. I've been doing a lot of that lately. It's great. Tell ya more later. Weird post huh?