Thursday, July 13, 2006

"When you dream, what do you dream about?"

Just checking out the blog and I noticed that it had been a little while since the last update. I don't really know what I should write, however, as my life has been quite dull. Oh well, I guess I'm going to make yours dull for the next two minutes as well.

For the 4th we checked out the fireworks here in Naperville. I'll just say that we weren't that impressed. Living in such a high dollar town, the fireworks were less than we expected. But celebrating our independence wasn't a total disappointment. The river was still beautiful and with our wit and impressive navigation skills we were able to make it out of downtown Naperville before 75% of the other goofs stuck in the parking lot. The trip to the car was needlessly long, however, as Adam decided to turn our 10 minute walk into a 30 minute walk with his 2 mile detour. It was a lot of fun though. Talking to people in traffic jams from the sidewalk, passing a cemetery at night with no lights, almost getting hit and yelled at by a police officer...good times, good times.

I've found a new love here in Naperville...Portillo's. Who knew that one could come to crave the creamy creation capped with condiments that Americans have creatively called the "hot dog." I watched a show on The History Channel last night that traced the origin and rise to fame of the hot dog..interesting stuff. But the story of Portillo's, now that's one to marvel at. The guy started with one little hot dog stand (with no running water to boot) and today he has 31 of these restaurants, not to mention 3 others. The American dream people, right where I can see it...and smell it...and taste it, yum.

What else has happened...oh ya, the GRE diagnostic quiz. I've only felt this stupid one other time in my life and that was because I listened to a lecture by a man with a Ph.D and the writing of several textbooks under his belt. That quiz made any shred of self esteem I had wimper into a dark corner like a crying sissy. So I'm dumb, what else is new? Now I just know that I need to study big time!!

Tonight we're going to see Superman Returns at the IMAX Theater that's only about 15 minutes from where we live. I'm excited, I think it will be great. And this weekend we're going trail hiking/canoeing with some friends. So all in all, the weekend promises to be a fun one. So that's my update and until something interesting happens...this may be all you get for awhile. Not really, I've taken some pictures of my environment up here and I hope to post them sometime soon. Until then, I hope you're doing well and I'll see you when I see you.