Saturday, November 26, 2005

Those things...

If you want to read the poem, you can go to and run a search for my name. The title is "Mendable." And here's the essay. I guess I didn't realize how icky and how bad in need of revision it was until I went back and read it. But here it is, complete with the prompt:

Topic #3: Tell us what you believe will be the most important choice you have to make in order for you to be happy and successful.

Speaking from the perspective of faith, I believe that the most important decision in my life would be to follow God’s will. This is true to me because I see His will as being the one most tailored to the person I was created to be. I believe that humans are chosen by God. But more specifically, we are each chosen on an individual level as well. And by being chosen, we are also called to live the life that God has set out for us.

When one looks at all of the ramifications that were present when the earth was created, the odds that we would be here at all are extremely unlikely. So it seems that someone had to be behind it all…some intelligent designer must have had the world in mind and set out to create it. And, looking at the characteristics of humans, it’s not hard to see that the most favor went to our race. Humans have been given amazing capabilities that go beyond those of other mammals. We’ve been entrusted with dominion over other creatures which is an amazing responsibility, considering the vast amount of species on this planet.

But it goes even deeper than that. Not only did God achieve what seemed impossible in the creation of the world we know; He has also chosen each and every person on this earth. So, the human race is chosen, but we are also chosen by God on an individual level as well. When one takes into account siblings, for example, those siblings have very different characteristics and personalities. Yet, they still came from the same two parents. The number of DNA combinations that could occur during conception seem inconceivable. This is where I believe we are chosen on a second count. If the Master of the Universe has His hand in the creation of people, that must mean that He has a specific purpose for us all.

So we go from being truly chosen, to being truly called. I think God has given us spiritual gifts and different traits that tailor us to work for His ultimate plan. God created us with a purpose in mind and I believe that the best choice that I, or anyone else could make, would be to discover and follow that will that God had intended for our lives. Because, once a person has realized what they were created for, I think that the greatest level of happiness and success can then be achieved. It is at that moment when a person realizes their full potential and exactly how to take advantage of it. This is what happiness and success means to me. I would be fully content knowing that I had used the spiritual gifts God had given me and I had done exactly what I was created to do.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well I didn't see that one comin...

To answer the question that a couple of people asked last time...I would be going to Harlaxton alone. But nevermind, I'm not going...(sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle). And another blow this week...I can't graduate until December 2006!!! I thought I was going to get away with all of this transferring stuff. I guess not. I'm a class short of meeting the residency requirement of upper division courses exclusively from EIU. So stupid. So whatever, I guess I have more time to worry about the GRE as a wise friend pointed out (Carissa Hayden).

On a brighter note, I got an essay and a poem published. They both made it to the next round in the separate contests they're in and they're automatically published. If enough people actually want to read them, I might post them. Just let me know. If not, whatever. I really don't know that much more. Still sad about Harlaxton, but that's the way it goes. I know there's a big awesome trip for me somewhere in the future. And who knows, maybe I can still go...(sniffle).

One final thought from Jack Handy:

I bet when neanderthal kids would make a snowman, someone would always end up saying, "Don't forget the thick, heavy brows." Then they would get all embarrassed because they remembered they had the big husky brows too, and they'd get mad and eat the snowman.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Lovely Jolt...

Here's part of an email I got from my mother (in an attempt not to completely embarrass my mother I've excluded some very humorous parts):

Hey sweetie,

We(Jim and I) are ready for a recent blog from you. We have been on there repeatedly and still the same one. Jim said to get off your lazy butt and do some serious typing.


Love ,

To put a spotlight on the people mentioned in this email, my mom is Susan Kemper, an extraordinary baker and connoisseur of lumber and Ace Hardware products. And the other is Jim Washburn, an old co-worker (emphasize the OLD). Ha! So what was I doing on here? Oh ya, you wanted an update.

Well, school is busy. But that's not really an update. I've been getting things together to make a very cool present for one of my family members but I can't let out all of the details or the surprise will be no more. Today I'm collecting persimmons out of the back yard to take to granny. Should be a delightful trip. I haven't seen her in awhile. Then it's back to the grind. Working on homework and housework. To much stuff to do with this place. Ha! I'm also planning on going to Convo this weekend. It'll be nice to get away and have a change of scenery, although I have no clue what to expect. The little flyer told me nothing about who the speaker is or what the theme is or... you get the idea. I'm sure whatever the old cabinet's whipped up (at the last minute I'm sure) will be great.

One new cool thing that I'm considering is a trip this summer to Harlaxton in England. I think it's like an hour or so from London. It's five weeks long (June-Julyish) and on the weekends we're free to travel around Europe whereever we want. I would get 6 hours of credit and I actually have 6 hours left to take next summer. So, I'm talking to my advisor tomorrow to see if this would fulfill my requirements. It would be awesome because we're studying some romantic poets (among my favorite types of literature) and we would actually go on day trips to see the things and places that inspired these writers. I would love it. Everyone who's ever gone has said it was an awesome experience. Not to mention the manor we would be in is beautiful. It's kind of pricy, but a good deal for how long we would be there and I could also get some financial aid for it. So, I'm at least going to check it out. Oh, and if everything goes alright, I will be finished with my baccelor's this summer.

When I get down about school (and I do often now) I just look down the tunnel and see that tiny speck of light. The end is nearing, and this too shall pass. Oh wait...what am I thinking? I'm the idiot who wants to grad school. Sheesh. That's like going up for parole with high hopes and finding out that donut you stole at breakfast is gonna cost you another two years. So there ya go Mom and Jim. I dedicate this long-winded and very boring post to you. Now you'd better leave me a comment!!!!