Friday, September 30, 2005

"Oh Happy Day...." (sing it sing it sing it)

If you don't like how my blog looks right'll be okay. I'm going to fix it as soon as I get some more time. But right now, that's a hot commodity that I can't afford. (What a nerd.) So are you guys doing? Ha...if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see or know, tell me about it. Mmmk...well, we're going to a CHS football game tonight...woohoo (we're cool). So I should eat my left-over supper and get ready. Have a wonderful evening everyone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I've been trying to find ways to jazz this page up a a new template, some exciting links and pictures...things of that nature. I've got some should turn out pretty cool...someday. School's been really busy, as I've already said. Things are coming up and all at the same time that have got me a little stressed. But I'm hangin' in there.

Campus House is awesome! I love it! I've been learning so much in the past few weeks, Roger Songer is really great. The other night he talked about the Beatitudes and it opened my eyes towards them in way that I had never thought of. It was awesome to say the least!! I am so grateful that I have a place like that to go, with all of the discouragement that college has to offer.

I've been feelin' kind of cruddy too because I know that I haven't been doing my part to help the so many ways. Reading other blogs about Katrina and our responsibility to help those in need has made me realize that I'm not doing anything. I've let my life and my priorities take precedence over the needs of others. I really am ashamed. When I stop to think about it, I can count the number of times I've prayed for those people on one hand. Prayer is not a hard thing to do and God hears what's my problem? I don't think that I can convince myself that I'm far too busy to go to God with this. But it goes beyond that.

Hersch was talking about global warming in one of his entries and that is so true. In one of my classes we were reading an article that talked a bit about the problem of global warming. And I think it all goes back to our need for immediate gratification. People don't stop to think anymore about the consequences to their actions. We just do what we want when we want to do it. I am so guilty of this. But I think it's time to stop and think because it's just a matter of time before we can't ignore what's happening to our planet anymore. God's given us this place and we've abused it.

So anyways..that's that. More later. I heard a great joke the other day......guess you'll have to come back if you want to read it...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sorry it's been so long...

Okay, so school's been getting really busy. I feel like all I do is read. Really. That's what I do with my free time...(okay, so occasionally Price is Right slips in's a form of therapy for me). Anyways...God has been speaking to me in a lot of incredible ways. I think one of the coolest things is realizing that if you open your eyes, you can learn so much through the world around you. Some of my classes have been rocking and for some reason I feel like this year is going to bring about tremendous change in me, just like the last few have. So, I'm super psyched about that.

I'm getting ready to write an essay for a scholarship and I'm going to use some material from a post I wrote a while back. Just going back to read that post was cool for made me remember. Not only did I think back to the insight, but I was put back into the emotions that I felt when coming to that realization. So go back and read some of your posts from a long time ago. You might shock yourself and say, "Ya, I forgot about that one...awesome." That's why I'm a strong advocate of journaling. So, blogger is a huge blessing to everyone that takes advantage of it.

When I get a bit more time I promise I'll update more and make this site a little more interesting...I promise! So hang tight! Bumblebeetuna!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

YAY!! New Baby!!

Beki finally had her baby!! Poor girl...well Beki and Malia! But the long road of pregnancy has ended and now little Malia Kay is in the world! Congrats mom and dad, we all can't wait to spoil her!!