Friday, July 08, 2005


So I started exercising yesterday...not the most enjoyable activity I could think of, but one of the most rewarding. I've been doing this aerobics thing that lasts like 45 minutes and it really tuckers me out. I've tried the running thing before but I've realized that I'm just not a runner. I hate running. I actually loathe it. So aerobics is okay. I've been trying to get Adam to buy me one of those Gazelles like his mom and dad have, but he won't budge. He says I have to make some progress before he gets me that because he thinks it'll just be another dead end money waster. He's probably right. But I have been exercising for the past two days now and that's progress.

I guess I sort of got inspired by my grandmother the other day. I went over to her house and she's been exercising and dieting and she's made real progress. I mean, you can tell just by looking at her that she's lost weight and she's really only been doing it for a few weeks. She also amazed me the other day too. My Grandma Hanners can touch her toes!!! How incredible is that?!? She's 75 and she also has terrible arthritis but she can still bend down with her legs straight and touch her toes easily. She beamed for the rest of the day when I told her how impressed I was. A lot of people my age can't do that, so I was impressed with her ability. She was also very happy and more motivated when I told her that I could really see a change in her apperance. She really does look a bit thinner. Encouragement is a powerful tool.

I don't ever feel like I get that much encouragement from my family because they're always filling my head up with the crap about how I don't need to lose weight and "You're just the right size, Amanda." Or the famous, "You're tall so you can hold more weight and still look good." Grrr. I don't like it. I won't list the exact amount here, but I have gained LOTS of weight since the wedding. But my grandma encouraged me to workout and watch what I eat just because she set a good example. So being an example can be one of the greatest motivators for someone. When they see how well you're doing, they naturally want a piece of the pie. So I'm gonna follow in granny's footsteps and see if I can shed some unnecessary weight. Here goes.


Anonymous jgiff99 said...

I am gonna comment on every post you make in a some way. kk. later

July 09, 2005 2:07 PM  
Blogger agitswhoiam said...

mmmk...but please, don't feel like you're compelled to..ha, if I don't prompt you in any's alright...ha

July 10, 2005 5:40 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

That's awesome!
We went on a 7 mile hike yesterday and MAN do I hurt.
Um...yeah I know, you're sittin here thinking "Who the heck are you?"
Sorry, just found your blog by accident and was lurking. I'll come by again sometime.


July 25, 2005 11:32 PM  

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